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Oslo and homeward bound

Day 32 + +

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Over the course of this trip, amongst the cities and towns visited both on the cruise and independently, we have spent time in the following major cities...

  • Frankfurt;
  • Stockholm;
  • Copenhagen;
  • Bergen (although not a capital city I would class it as a major city); and
  • Oslo

In the past I've always shied away from comparing cities, for instance, when asked if I prefer Sydney or Melbourne, I just can't say because, firstly they are very different cities and, secondly, I love them both for very different reasons. Likewise, when I return from overseas, a common question is "what was your favourite" and usually I can be a bit more decisive but, still, quite often there's no clear-cut answer. However, as much as I loved all the cities visited on this trip, in this case I have a winner...it's Oslo!

We loved it the first time around whilst visiting on the cruise and only cemented our appreciation with this return visit. Admittedly the weather was absolutely stunning and, for the first time in a month, we could get by without a jacket or scarf, which definitely helped to elevate our mood. Just being in the warm sunshine was blissful, but, that aside, this city has it all.

  • It's not too big but still very cosmopolitan, with a thriving arts culture and, thank god, a wide choice of bars and restaurants;
  • there's an impressive variety of architecture, both elegant and old and shiny and new;
  • it's lovely to walk around and has a very relaxed, safe vibe (not that anywhere in Norway feels unsafe);
  • there are so many places given over to the inhabitants to just sit and enjoy, which they seem to truly take advantage of;
  • by all accounts the housing, education, health and welfare systems are all above par;
  • I love the fact that if a group of demonstrators stand out the front of their Parliament House, the relevant Member of Parliament is more than likely to come out to hear their concerns and address them personally;
  • the waterfront area is a hub of activity with ships and ferries coming and going; and
  • probably a dozen or more other reasons I'm yet to discover but hope to one day!

Some photos of our final evening and then morning in Oslo, which don't come close to doing it justice...









And, with that, it's goodbye to Oslo...


And, then hello and goodbye to Frankfurt in fairly quick succession, as we continue to make our way home via Singapore...


Finally, we have 4 nights in Singapore which, I must say, is a huge culture shock in terms of the crowds, the noise and the intense humid heat but it's nice to be here and, having visited a number of times now, we don't feel compelled to do too much other than visiting the Commonwealth War Cemetary at Kranji which was both incredibly interesting and very moving. The memorial honours the men and women from the Allied Forces who died in the line of duty (either in active combat or as prisoners of war) during World War II.

Here, you’ll see more than 4,400 white gravestones lined up in rows on the cemetery’s gentle slope, around 1800 of which are Australian.




On a lighter note, we have also visited old haunts, such as Chinatown, which is a must-visit for Andrew for its oyster cakes and have done our best to dodge the torrential downpours...




Tomorrow will see us on an early flight bound for home, so, with that, as they say in the classics "that's all folks".

Thanks for reading!

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